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Look forward to meeting Eduard the squirrel, woodpecker Siegfried and a large, bustling family of ants in the Heimburg Forest. Together with countless other forest creatures, the plants and trees have their home here.

Small mushrooms and forest inhabitants carved in wood point the way, which begins at the small parking lot with a playground at the Bärenstein. After a small climb, you will find the first signs of forest life. Here you can make music using the different tonewoods (sounds of the wood) which invite you to sing your favourite song in wood.

Why does the spider have a web? And how does a phone work without electricity? These and many other questions are easily answered here. A small high seat reveals further forest secrets; a nice picnic area invites you to linger. The somewhat hidden relaxation bench under the trees with a view of the swaying tree tops promises a completely natural break. Three adventure trails branch off from the main path, leading to the tracks of forest animals.

On the squirrel path you will reach the highest point and namesake of the forest area, the "Bärenstein". The little puzzles to be solved are a lot of fun. The Forest Adventure Trail was developed and designed by the Youth Forest Home „Am Lindenberg“ from Blankenburg (Harz). If you walk all the paths, you have to walk about 2.5 km to the starting point at the parking lot.

Friends of the Harzer Wandernadel will find one of the popular special stamps here.

For a slightly longer hike in the Heimburg area, the hiking trail "Rundweg Heimburg" with a total length of approx. 4.5 km is worthwhile. Have fun with the forest experience!


OT Heimburg
38889 Blankenburg (Harz)

Telephone: +49 (0) 3944 366 18 21

Arrival from Blankenburg possible with the bus lines 250 and 230.

Walk from the bus stop to the adventure trail (900 m).