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Thale and the Bode Gorge

Photo: Wolfgang Koglin

The rugged rock valley north of the Alps, the Bode Gorge (Bodetal) near Thale, is one of the unique natural spectacles that the Harz has to offer. The rocky plateaus of Hexentanzplatz and Rosstrappe rise about 250 meters from the valley. This region is legendary and mystical. An excursion to the Bode Gorge, 7 kilometres away from Blankenburg (Harz), is recommended for hikers as well as for families with children.

Discover the many myths and legends of the Harz in Thale. Strange characters from Germanic mythology can be discovered along the Mythenweg. The Walpurgishalle invites you to visit the Witches Dance Floor (Hexentanzplatz) while the legend of Princess Brunhilde and the giant Bodo can be seen on the Rosstrappe in a multimedia show in the Sagenpavillon.

The difference in altitude from the valley up to the rocks can be easily overcome with the cable car to the Hexentanzplatz (some of the cabins have a glass floor), or with the chair-lift to the Rosstrappe. Family fun is offered by the all-weather toboggan run Harz Bob, the climbing forest in the Bode Gorge, the zoo on the Hexentanzplatz, Tollhaus, Funpark or the totally bewitched playhouse in the town centre. Adrenaline junkies can let off steam on the only downhill mountain bike route in Saxony-Anhalt the, Rosstrappen-Downhill.

The Harz Mountain Theatre on the Hexentanzplatz is one of the most beautiful natural stages in Germany. From the tiers of the theatre there is a broad view towards the Harz foothills. This unique open-air theatre is an extraordinary setting for plays, operas, musicals or children's performances. Tickets for the Harz Mountain Theatre are also available from the Blankenburg Tourist Information Centre.

Holidaymakers in Blankenburg (Harz) can take the HATIX to Thale by bus free of charge.


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Photo: Britt Thomas