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Blankenburg (Harz) offers a diverse program of events every year. From concerts in the castle gardens and the monastery, guided tours, exhibitions, city festivals, Christmas market, there is always something to experience here. The current dates of events in Blankenburg (Harz) and the surrounding area can be found in our event calendar.



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30. April

Walpurgis night

The night of nights in the Harz, the Walpurgis night, is celebrated with mystical and atmospheric festivities throughout the region. The rendezvous of the spirit world of Blankenburg takes place in the inner courtyard of the domain on Walpurgis evening.





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Probably cancelled for 2020
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8 th Annual Storming of Regenstein Castle

For three days, knights, heralds, jugglers, fools, craftsmen, market-players and musicians are guests in Blankenburg (Harz).


20th June 2021

Löwenstarkes Children Festival

On 28th June 2020 your children's eyes will shine when in the Blankenburg Thiepark one of the largest children festivals in the Harz welcomes you and your children. This annual event, now in its 7th year, starts from 13.00 and offers plenty of chances to do arts & crafts, painting, shooting, playing, driving, tasting ... and much more.



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Flower Festival

The large and beautiful lawns of the park offer plenty of space for a variety of interactions. Throughout the weekend we light up your children's eyes with funny bouncy castles, play equipment and entertainment during the day. Local fitness studios hold their most popular courses for everyone in the open-air and an integrated flower market create a thematic framework for the festival. The diverse daily promotions give both young and old an unforgettable day. As soon as the sun leaves the Thiepark, fascinating illuminations and cleverly placed lights create an atmospheric backdrop.

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1st August 2021 (conditional)

Michaelstein Monastery Festival

On the first Sunday in August, Michaelstein Monastery invites you to the Great Monastery Festival. A fine cultural program with various concerts from classic to spiritual, with theatre, puppet theatre, art as well as the popular Green Market make this festival day an unforgettable experience for visitors large and small.


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4th December – 13th December 2020

Sternthaler Christmas Market

In the centre of Blankenburg, the Town Hall and the Market Square you will discover a cosy warm intimate Advent feeling. The Sternthaler Christmas Market will help to get you in the festive mood for the Christmas holidays. Discover the charm of Christmas in the Harz with an endearing program of fairytale stories, handicrafts, glass art, puppet shows and musical performances.



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Cancelled for 2020


Viking Festival at Regenstein Castle

These fearless Viking warriors from the north besiege Regenstein Castle in Blankenburg (Harz) every Easter.


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Cancelled for 2020 / Germany's largest open-air

Volleyball Tournament in Hüttenrode

The Hüttenröder volleyball tournament is the largest open-air volleyball tournament in Germany. In the evening, a large volleyball party is held in the marquee. The Hüttenröder Hexennacht (Witches Night), which takes place on Saturday evening, is unique.



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10th October 2020

Day of Parks and Garden

The nationwide "Pleasure in the Garden - Day of Parks and Gardens" campaign has been taking place since 2008 on the initiative of the German Garden Network Association, a merger of the regional garden initiatives of Germany. The aim of the campaign weekend is to inspire enthusiasm among young and old, residents and tourists about the historical and contemporary garden art and thus ensure the preservation and care of German parks and gardens. The terrace garden in front of the Little Castle offers a fantastic backdrop for a variety of cultural and culinary temptations.

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21st June

Fête de la musique

The Fête de la musique is a one-day live music festival from France. Since 1982, more than 500 cities around the world have traditionally celebrated the Fête de la musique on 21st June. This unique festival has been enriching the cultural calendar of the city of Blankenburg (Harz) since 2014.



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6th August – 9th August 2021 (conditional)

Hüttenröder Grasedanz (grass dance)

The Grass Queen in Hüttenrode (a district of Blankenburg Harz), has been elected every year since 1885. This special tradition, where women are the focus, is celebrated every year on the first weekend in August. The choice of the Grass Queen is decided on Sunday morning. Come and enjoy this 3-day traditional festival for both locals and guests.

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4th September 2021 (conditional)

14. Rock and Pop Night

We Rock the Castle.
In the beautifully lit courtyard of Blankenburg Castle a variety of live bands guarantee a great atmosphere for this special location.




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27th November – 29th November 2020

Christmas at the Castle

On the 1st weekend in December

in and around Blankenburg Castle

On the first weekend of Advent, the castle courtyard shines festively. On all three days there is colourful activity of hustle and bustle at different stands displaying festive gifts in the castle courtyard and within Blankenburg Castle.



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