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Rappbode Dam & Wendefurth Dam

Hydraulic structures with many functions

Dams are hydraulic water structures that shut off flowing water for various purposes. Mostly it is a question of multifunctional systems, which consist of a dam wall or a dam, a reservoir and various ancillary buildings.

A dam serves several purposes. The most important are:

  • Raw water supply
  • Flood protection
  • Low water elevation
  • Power generation
  • Local recreation, Fishing

The Dam Experience

Dams and reservoirs shape the landscape and have become tourist attractions and recreational points. The large and well-known structures in particular are popular with those interested in visiting, taking photos and sometimes inspecting them. Around most of the reservoirs, third parties have developed profitable leisure tourism. The lakes themselves serve fishermen and hobby anglers as a means of livelihood and as a retreat to pursuit their hobbies.

No Dam like the other

Dams are unique. The external appearance depends on the one hand on the structural progress of the respective year of construction and on the other hand on the location factors. More than half of all dams in Germany are gravity dams and designed to hold back water by using the weight of the material itself to resist the water pushing against it. There cross-section looks like a triangle, the water side is almost perpendicular. Germany's highest dam, the Rappbode Dam is such a dam. There are also Arch and Buttress dams.

Dam Safety & Security

Safety and security is a top priority at German dams. In addition to the constant self-checks, a plant inspection is carried out by experts every year. All results are documented in a dam book.


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