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Stalactite Caves

Photo: Jan Reichel

The Rübeland Stalactite Caves have been one of the most beautiful excursion destinations in the Harz for centuries. Mystical formations made of stalagmites and stalactites stimulate the imagination of young and old visitors. The Baumann Cave (in operation since 1646) and the Hermann Cave (since 1866) are the largest stalactite caves in the Harz Mountains. Visit these caves and allow yourself to be enchanted by this mystical underground world.

The Baumann Cave houses rich stalactites as well as the Goethe Hall with the artificially created Lake Wolfgang, Germany's only underground natural stage. This impressive spatial experience inspires with a cave tour, theatre performances or even at an underground wedding. The Hermann Cave, on the other hand, is known for its glittering and sparkling crystal chamber - and for the grotto Olms (aquatic salamander) that live in the Olmensee, which are unique in Germany. The three floors of the cave system are partly connected by a huge "Hall".

Holidaymakers in Blankenburg (Harz) can take the HATIX to Rübeland free of charge by bus.


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Photo: Jan Reichel