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Mount Brocken

Mount Brocken in the centre of the Harz National Park is the highest mountain in the Harz at 1,141 meters and is steeped in history and myths. According to legend, once a year on Walpurgis Night, witches gather at Mount Brocken to meet the devil, as well as thousands of visitors who come today to join in the celebrations. Whether by hiking, mountain-biking or slightly more comfortably with the Brocken Train; a visit to the mystical mountain is a must on a Harz holiday.

With its exposed location in northern Germany, Mount Brocken has a special climate comparable to that of the Alps at altitudes of 1,800 to 2,500 meters. This makes it the only German low mountain range peak with a natural tree line, which gives Mount Brocken its characteristic appearance. During a guided tour of the unique Brocken Mountain Garden, which was created in 1890, visitors can admire the 1,800 mountain plant species from around the world.

The eventful history of Mount Brocken, especially during the time that Germany was divided, can be seen in an exhibition in the Brocken House. This former Stasi monitoring centre has been expanded into a National Park visitor centre and an interactive museum which presents the special features of Mount Brocken and the Harz National Park.

As the only cross-border national park in Germany, the protected area of the Harz National Park covers almost 25,000 hectares and thus 10 percent of the total area between Altenau, Bad Harzburg, Ilsenburg, Schierke, St. Andreasberg and Herzberg. At the visitor centres, for example at the Torfhaus or on the Brocken, and National Park House, the special features of the Harz flora and fauna are highlighted. Various forest adventure trails, such as the Jungle Trail (Urwaldstieg), the Dandelion Discovery Trail (Löwenzahn Entdeckerpfad), the Natural Myth Trail (Naturmythenpfad) or the Forest Hiking Trail (WaldWandelWeg), make the legendary mountain wilderness visible to Harz visitors.

With a National Park Ranger you can also go on a discovery tour, whether as a family with children or as a nature lover: the various offers from short guided tours to day trips offer a wide choice.

Holidaymakers in Blankenburg (Harz) can use the HATIX bus free of charge (for example to Schierke or Ilsenburg to take a hiking tour to the Brocken).

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