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Photo: Harzdrenalin UG

Segway tours, wall running or a fast ride on the Mega Zipline: with Harzdrenalin the name says it all! Remarkably close to Blankenburg (Harz), at the Wendefurth Dam and the Rappbode Dam, unique unforgettable adventures are possible. Pure adrenaline - that's guaranteed.

Harzdrenalin offer a contrast program to the quiet hikes or spiritual guided tours that are found here in the Harz. Here it is all about action in the nature of Harz. Although the Segway tours are a little bit unadventurous, they do allow you to explore the region in a special way on these one-person electric scooters. Guided tours, including to the Brocken, are offered on a regular basis.

At the Wendefurth Dam you can really start to get the blood running when you try wall running down the 40-meter-high dam, head first. Children from the age of 8 years who have not reached the minimum weight of 40 kg can be passively abseiled down into the depths.

The Mega Zipline is unique, 120 meters above the abyss of the Rappbode Dam (highest dam in Germany). This largest double rope slide in Europe is used to fly over the Wendefurth sports lake. The "flight route" is about one kilometre long and can reach in a short time a top speed of up to 85 km/h. A leisure attraction in the Harz Mountains that is second to none.

The "Titan-RT", the longest suspension bridge of its kind, also promises a breathtaking experience at lofty heights. With a total length of 458.5 meters, the superlative structure extends over the Bode Reservoir.

 Holidaymakers in Blankenburg (Harz) can take the HATIX to all attractions at the dam free of charge by bus.





Photo: Harzdrenalin UG





Photo: Harzdrenalin UG


Harzdrenalin UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Bruchstraße 1
38875 Stadt Oberharz am Brocken
OT Elbingerode

Telephone: +49 (0) 1805 375375

Detailed information on opening times and prices of the respective offers can be found on the website of Harzdrenalin.